The music knows no boundaries! This is what I believe in when I found out the interesting story of the melodic hard rock trio North Of Never. Today, I will talk about their latest single ‘The River’ and their story too…

Well, as I mentioned earlier that music has no limits because these guys made it through 3 different time zones, before getting into the track you should know that “The group consists of Michael Johnson (vocalist/songwriter), Mike O’Campo (guitarist/songwriter), and Erik Seime (guitarist/songwriter).  What’s different about this formula you might ask?  All 3 members are in different time zones.  Johnson hails from California, O’Campo calls Texas home, and Seime resides in West Virginia.  So how did this all come about?” It’s pretty hard, right? Well, these guys didn’t need to meet up to accomplish what they are looking for. Actually, Michael, Mike, and Erik and taught me an important lesson in 2020!

Well, let’s get into their ‘River,’ since I mentioned they are melodic so of course, your ears will follow easily the melodic guitar riffs combined with harmonic solos! Michael’s voice is very impressive, you know it’s like you have a mix of the 80s/90s at the same time! These guys were very keen about their production, while you’re listening to the track don’t miss the strings! IT’S JUST AWESOME! The song is very energetic indeed even though it talks about someone who faced sorrow: “the story of someone who is faced with pure sorrow, and is contemplating ending it all, but the fight to survive ultimately leads to a new beginning – or rebirth. Loaded with heavy and meaningful lyrics supported by beautiful rock and orchestral elements, ‘The River’ takes you through an emotional journey which illustrates life’s struggles, and provides hope that there is always a light, no matter how dark things may seem.”