Any disease is an issue for sure. Imagine that what you remember is just your past, you don’t recognize your present that much, and the future isn’t interest anymore. The American rock band Elsewhere offered their latest epic anthem “The Pledge”! Let’s find out.

This month the band released their new single/lyric video for “National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, amidst these tumultuous times let’s not lose sight of our need to eradicate this disease.” – the band explained. It’s a great move indeed, and the song is very touching on a personal level, I have few people that I know which face such painful disease. You know the main problem with it is when they realize they forget you, they cannot remember you, and even…. cannot recognize themselves.

The Boston-based trio delivered a unique topic through a well-made single. For me, ‘The Pledge’ is one of the best rock tunes that I was lucky that I found it in this tough year.

“The Pledge” was written based on Aroian personal experiences with his mother who has been suffering from Alzheimer’s these past few years. He is aiming to to make people more aware of what is often a verboten topic and what he calls “an invisible, forgotten disease” – and use the track as a call to action to help motivate researchers and the pharmaceutical companies to get past their false starts and stops and press on until they find a cure. “Beyond my own self-expression and desire to tap into my raw feelings that have come in dealing with not only my mom, but other members of my family who have had the disease, ultimately, ‘The Pledge’ is an opportunity to give back to families, to bring awareness and a little bit of hope – and to let people know they’re not alone,” Aroian says. “I want the song to help lift the spirits of the silent millions who are suffering in silence because their loved ones are slowly slipping away from them. And I want them to know that love can help us get through it. Elsewhere has always approached our music and career differently from other indie bands, and we’re proud to take a stand and be unafraid to write a song about this.” – he clarified. Check out this masterpiece below.

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