Aren’t we all think about everything we feel, see, or even taste but rare when we sing about the main element that expresses all of these factors? The Vancouver-based artist Marty Zylstra dedicated this to The Music…The music that we share, in the air, and everywhere.

The talented rock artist teamed up with JP Maurice (record producer), and Jumpattack! Records for his new release “Boom Chicka” which set to be released in 2020: “it is an homage to the sentiment of 1967 flower power and features many elements from artists that inspired him – from the Beatles and Lennon to the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson.”Marty Zylstra explained the album music and lyric theme.

‘The Music’ is a very light, unique, and original classic rock tune, actually, I could say it is a revival for the classic rock era that we miss these days. Check the song below and you gonna feel the clean amazing guitar tones and powerful drum beats and above all the shine of his emotive vocals. Besides this you can feel the song sparkle of the lyrics itself: “I planned the release of my newest single “the Music” in celebration of another rotation around the sun. Yes, my birthday to be more cryptic. This song is a tribute to all of those great people who have shared the stage with me from my first gig so many years ago to today, those people who have influenced me and taught me how to be a writer, singer, artist, and those who I still look up to as heroes. The Music that we share, the music takes me there.” – Marty explained.

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