After two years of absence, American 3 piece Emo/Rock group The Losing Score released a new single entitled “Snooze.” The new “The Modern Art of Hitting Snooze,” or “Snooze” is the band first single since 2018.

I want to start the review with commenting on the cover art of the track, a clock and snooze! This Press that allows you extra minutes of sleeping after long noise of clock rings waking you up! It is like “get up early to face your misery!” So, I like how the song starts with short singing without music then shortly the music enters in 2 seconds as if it is like a press on the clock or on the snooze icon on the screen! The organization of the tempo is outstanding, the tempo is getting faster and the tunes of the guitars are getting louder gradually as if it is a process of grabbing your conscious away the shades of sleep! It is like narrating your messy deep thoughts. I like, the calm emotional part in the heart of the song as it reflect your own morning ideas and thoughts and how you want to get up and fight again! In general, the track is so enjoyable and tuneful!