Night Shop is a rising Indie Rock/Alternative band formed by high prolific drummer Justin Sullivan. Night Shop is presenting a nostalgic fusion of music. The band released a new music video called “The Cafe of Eternal Youth.”

“The Cafe of Eternal Youth” music video is so touching. I am somehow connected to songs that discuss the issues of young age, memories, and remembrance. The video is built by different scenes of the streets, moving cars, fields, and cafes. The scenes talk about the form of being watched by running a car as if it reflects the process of how the mind filters various memories and places it knows. It also has few scenes of the band while performing the song live. These mixed scenes create a sense of nostalgia and remembrance.

Moving to the music, the classic acoustic melodies are the most dominant in the track. The riffs are colored in warm nostalgic Indie Rock colors with fresh and dynamic drums and bass lines. The tone of happiness, thinking, and regret expressed in the vocals gives a deeper sense to the music especially the last part when beautiful female vocal lines added to the lead vocals performance. In general, the music video is catchy especially for us as we always connect our gatherings and dreams to our daily time in Cafe and how the waiters are observing the passing phases and their progressive lives.