“Swirling” is the latest track from The Mighty Orchid King, off their upcoming debut LP, The Doctrine of Infinite Kindness. The band shows a gripping sound with elements of psychedelia, garage-rock, and ’60s pop.

‘Swirling’ is a colourful, psychedelic rock song that boasts a perfect blend of sounds. It combines stunning, emotive vocals with all the best of psychedelic riffs. Actually, the song reminds me of the golden Woodstock days, imagine you are setting with the guys in the woods, and just playing music and sing all night long.

The Mighty Orchid King is led by singing drummer Jonny Bennett and guitarist Martin van Heerden, the band has been making music since 2015 with an ever-changing cast of collaborators and contributors. t’s pretty obvious to see the Beatles and CSN&Y, and TMOK influences on their music which is amazing really.


You can find it on their SoundCloud channel through here.

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