Elza is a Canadian solo artist which is familiar with dark and deep lyrical themes combined with her powerful music styles. “Swayed”, released Sept 6th, is the first single from Elza’s boldly titled upcoming album, “Nothing’s Wrong”.

Elza released a music video for the song which performed as a dancer with Tony Giroux who already did the choreography for the song. The video is pretty simple but serves the theme very nice, as music is mainly based on her powerful voice which is delivered the message nicely.

It took almost two years of work to release this album; “As a solo artist I write, compose, arrange and produce all my music. I spent over 2 years working on this album alone, carefully crafting all the arrangements. When I felt complete with the demos, I traveled to Israel to record the songs with a band and a sound engineer and producer Ronen Roth.” – Elza said.

Elza’s debut full-length “Nothing’s Wrong” includes ten tracks which all based on relaxing atmospheric music and presented with her amazing voice with a unique arrangement techniques. In general, when you check her music you will fall in love with the blending of alternative/art rock with trip hop. Nothing’s Wrong is set for release in November. Check more info about Elza through her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, BandCamp, Spotify, or Soundcloud.