While we have heard of strawberry kush before, we’ve certainly never heard of “Strawberry Skies” until Kid Travis came along. We can only assume from the line, “strawberry skies, all over your lips, cause I love how it tastes,” that this is a reference to a certain flavour of vape, lip gloss, or perhaps some niche brand of vodka. In any case, Kid Travis seems to have carved a fine niche for himself with his latest single.

Climbing his way up the YouTube algorithms, the Kid has been turning heads with covers of Drake and the late XXXTentacion. We’re not really sure if Kid Travis is a business-first-art-second type of guy, but judging by his take on trap/lo-fi, this singer/songwriter/instrumentalist/producer has “gifts to share with the world.”

The beat to “Strawberry Skies,” his latest original offering, is a tightly-executed reverse-head-bopper made for cruisin’. With a steady four-on-the-floor pattern keeping the track anchored, Travis seamlessly manoeuvres his vocal between low and high registers over top a deep mix of polished electronic sound. We’re also digging that Travis is singing without the aid of auto-tune, mainly cause the guy has a fine voice which we wouldn’t mind hearing on a few Sinatra covers. We’re not trying to give away any ideas, but maybe the Kid’s people will bite. 😉

blank The 80s-sounding, the chorus-soaked guitar is also a great feature of this track, riffing off the recent surge of lo-fi sounds coming from YouTube and SoundCloud artists like Post Malone, Bryson Tiller, Rich Brian, and Dominic Fike. It’s hard to tell if it’s a loop or a line being played by a live guitarist, but either way, it juxtaposes nicely with the beat and gives the track some nice flavour.

All in all, Kid Travis is already well-positioned in the industry and will surely continue to climb the lo-fi, Rnb charts with his latest, “Strawberry Skies.” Check it out after the jump!