Skender Beck is a Kosovan born modern rock artist, and Los Angeles based singer-songwriter. ‘Stars Aligned’ his debut album release which set to be released in Wednesday, October 14th, 2020. The album explores inner conflict, hope, love, and Beck’s personal journey from Kosovo to the United States. Let’s discover more about this journey below!

‘Stars Aligned’ is a 10-tracks full-length which they are full of emotive vocals blended with a lot of harmonies and melodies mixed with a modern theatrical depth that is reminiscent of singers like Brandon Flowers. First of all, I’d like to talk more about the history of his great talent; as a young child, he developed a passion for singing, as well as acting, and performed in numerous musicals throughout the country. He eventually began landing roles on Kosovan television and was catapulted into childhood stardom. During his adolescence, social unrest worsened in Kosovo, and he coped by listening to classic rock artists like Pink Floyd, The Talking Heads, and The Doors. Later, Beck began playing music and performing with bands–a hobby that stuck with him throughout his life. As a young adult, Beck studied theatre in Kosovo where he received a Bachelor’s Degree, as well as two National Theater Awards for his acting. In 1997, Beck migrated to New York City to continue his education at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and has remained in the United States since.

In my opinion, what is really unique and remarkable about this album that while listening to you find its flow goes very smoothly, and this is a very smart songwriting and mixing process indeed, and this proves the experience of him, unlike several other artists that I see today. Although, the song delivers a good variety of tones, harmonies, melodies, and vocal style still it shifts very easily from one to another. Starting from the fifth track, Other Side, you can find the diversity of rhythm and the used elements under the rock umbrella, it really reminds me of icons like U2 and Kings of Leon but with a very special flavour. Time To Lose My Mind is my favourite song here indeed. The intro of the track is pretty catchy and amazing, the lead guitar licks and solos over a tight rhythm are brilliant! Finally, ‘Stars Aligned’ by Beck shows a professionality, experience, and special taste of music. It’s one of my favourite modern rock albums in 2020 so far!


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