Galapaghost is the solo project of Casey Chandler. “Sootie” is the latest release from the solo artist/producer which have been written, recorded and mixed by him and mastered by Simone Squillario.

The album includes nine tracks with a nice electric atmosphere merged with indie/folk music. Usually, I am not into electronic/indie style but really Casey’s music grabbed my attention for how it’s amazing, and easy to listen and remarkably simple to hear.

“I wrote, recorded and mixed Sootie entirely by myself over a two month period in the beginning of 2018. Only having a $600 budget for the album, I recorded the whole album at home with very little equipment. This album is much different than any of my previous albums because it is entirely electronic (besides a few songs with real bass). I really wanted to feel like an amateur and explore a brand new style that I could get lost in, but at the same time have a blast creating. I had always wanted to make an electronic album, so I bought a used Roland GAIA synth back in January and composed all of these songs using only that keyboard. Using sampled drums, I created drum loops in GarageBand, typically layering multiple drum loops on top of each other and distorting them, which gave the drums a rougher feel. That childlike feeling of discovering something new and beautiful was definitely the same type of feeling that I had while I was writing and recording these songs. Sootie was my childhood nickname given to me by my Dad, and a lot of the songs on this album are about childhood.” – Casey Chandler clarified regarding the album writing process.

The independent artist his work have been acclaimed by critics and fans, as I found many postivtie reviews by Paste Magazine, Alternative Nation and Huffington Post. Also his song ‘Salt Lake City’ was featured in a promotional video for Netflix Italy for the show 13 Reasons Why.

You can get your copy of “Sootie” now through Spotify, Bandcamp or Soundcloud. And get to know more about him through his website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.