Cerebellion is a melodic alternative metal group from Orange County, California. Recently, they have released their latest track Someone’s American Dream.

Actually, for me, the song is a kind of personal topic. Why? Because it’s the eternal battle in your mind, would you go for your dreams or simply stay in a daily office job! As the band described: “the experience of having to choose between a path of financial stability and pursuing one’s deepest passions and the structures that make this dilemma a reality for so many.” YES! Even though it’s not easy to choose what you love – especially in 2020! – it will remain the greatest choice ever!

The track easily sticks in your head with its catchy melodic riffs and heavy 80’s-feel vocals. My greatest part is the bridge and solo! OHHHHH! I was melting! As a solo-kinda person, consider making your solos longer next time!

The song was produced by Chris Eck and Cerebellion and tracked, mixed, and mastered by Chris Eck at Eck’s Studio in Corona CA. And the official lyric video was produced by Umesh Gallage and the upcoming official music video was produced by Cerebellion.

Finally, from now on Cerebellion added to my library, and I am waiting for their next releases! I’d rate it 10 out 10!

Find more about the band through their website, Facebook, InstagramYouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud.