Since the 60s and Greece provides many stunning bands, and when I mention this incredible country to rock/metal fans the first names that will hit their minds the iconic metal acts Rotting Christ and Septicflesh, today, I will talk about an up-and-coming doom metal talents, Unverkalt.

We – Rock Era – very lucky to cover or interview many marvelous Greek acts such as Selefice, Shattered Hope, and the legendary SEPTICFLESH! The music was built on a charming atmospheric post-rock style blended with doom metal concept, but guys, you should watch the music video below, I believe that it’s one of the few doom videos that served the music very well. I may just have one comment for the sound mixing because the instruments leveling isn’t clear enough and some parts guitars are louder than vocals, which make it hard to recognize the singing and lyrics. Overall, these guys are brilliant indeed, especially that the song is “about the darkest side of human emotions and inner conflicts.” – the band clarified. Overall, their music is amazing and from now on they are added to my Greek rock/metal library, well, check it out yourself and let me know what do you think.