Rising American Alternative Rock band Radio Wore released a new single few days ago. The new single is entitled “Slaves and Sinners.” Radio Wore is a Rock N’ Roll Trio from Dallas, TX. The band was formed in September 2017  and it is featuring Kaarthik Tharmiya (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Jonah Trachtman (Bass/Backing Vocals), and Kieran Gibbs (Drums/Backing Vocals). The band’s music depends on mixing the sounds of classic rock with definitive blues, funk, and punk melodies.

If you are seeking a delightful and fresh sound in your day, this single is one of the best choices to listen to. The main theme of “Slaves and Sinners” is speaking about one’s own failures and disappointments of being trapped inside an unorganized world, full of hate, full of lies, full of hardships, moreover, it is turning upside down every day. The first part of the song is more into classic acoustic sound, in fact, acoustic-like stuff is one of the best musical forms to reflect the one’s inner struggle, this calm and nostalgic vibes inside your ears drive your mind to recall your sorrow or drive it into bitter sound.

Towards the middle, the mood of the song turns to be more vivid, more melodic through drums beats and impressive backing vocals. What draws more intention is the work of keyboards. I should praise the work of keyboards because it plays an important role in making the mood of music more classic, more into Lynyrd Skynyrd style especially in their old releases as “The Last Rebel.” In fact, Radio Wore did a good job in their “Slaves and Sinners.” It is very enjoyable and impressive.