Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop has been always a special alternative music form to me, especially when you find it well made through experienced artists. Blrddsouls recently released his debut LP “(Allthecoolkidswannacommitsuicide)” which today I will discuss his first single of the LP, “Skum.”

‘Skum’ takes a psychological path through its lyric with well-chosen music elements. “Sometimes, I like to pretend that I’m sane, For you” Although the song lyrics are very simple but it’s to the point and I really like how it fits the music smoothly and nicely as well. Also, he clarified that the song was written to not point on anything in particular, which is very smart indeed:  “The song is a great rendition of bedroom-slow dance party-of-one type of record with enough meaning in the lyrics to have you coming back to this vibe, but vaguely written to not mean anything at all.” – Blrddsoul explained. Well, as he says stream his music, or die. Find it available here.