LVL Arrow is an American Alternative Rock. The lyrics are revolving around the themes of summer, radiance, and euphoria to remind everyone that it’s important to look around and see how lucky we all are to be here, to remind everyone not to be pessimistic over the little things, and when times get tough, brighter and better days are imminent. This week, LVL Arrow released a new track called “Shimmer”.

According to LVL Arrow, the story of the track is based on the artist’s experience in Vegas, so there is a mood of cheering up, having fun, and enjoy. The track is opened with very active melodies with cheerful vocals. There are very dynamic guitar sounds with blasting drums and strong bass lines. The general mood of the track is so close to the artist’s experience of fun and moving around entertaining places. “Shimmer” is a very powerful optimistic track that will break any sorrowful mood you may have due to the current situation, just switch on the music and hold on to warm memories and shining hope.