Sharone strikes again with another hit which is a good start for the melodic metal world to be Screaming Into Oblivion. If you remember guys a few months ago when I was talking about Can We Pretend which was her first single from her latest album via DI Records, well, I love her voice so much and her deep lyrics indeed Let’s dig deeper below!

In my opinion, Sharone has a very unique warm, intimate and energic metal tone. Well, such a combination isn’t easy to find these days. I love the mellow beginning of the track leading to a powerful epic chorus. Frankly, what makes her music so interesting to me is her melancholic topics. For example how many times you find yourself alone? You felt alone and found out that leading to your own path of depression, as described through the record label “Screaming Into Oblivion is about depression. Sharone wrote the song when she was feeling very alone. It seemed that no matter where she turned, all she could see was emptiness.” The music is very tight, melodic, and I can consider it as an epic melodic metal tune to start the year with.

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