Last month, the Canadian metal group Stealing Eden released their latest single “Say Goodbye” on several platforms and also a lyric video through their YouTube channel.

The band went through several issues since their debut album Truth in Tragedy back in 2011, but the original members David Ottoson (vocals), Maximus Whyman (guitars) and Monty Lang (drums) managed to resuscitate the Vancouver, BC hard rock band. Stealing Eden released their first single of 2020 “Edge Of The World“, with their follow up single “Say Goodbye” which released on May 8th. The band’s music is acclaimed by fans and critics alike. The lyrics introduce an interesting topic: “It’s an upbeat modern rocker that grasps with the tumultuousness of a relationship gone astray.” – they explained.

Harmonies and melodies are pretty obvious within their music and I really like its singing style. What really caught my ears the stunning guitar solo. Definitely, I will be waiting for their next releases.