Philip Morgan Lewis doesn’t seem to be too bogged down by the lockdown situation, as apparent from his dance moves on his self-produced music clip for his latest single, “Rock this City.”

It’s actually a very cool video, and I think one of the good things coming out of this pandemic is seeing huge cities which never stop hustling and bustling, like London, in a very different light. Everything has come to a halt, and it’s both creepy and intriguing. It feels like we’re in an apocalyptic scenario here with PML dancing around all by his lonesome around London, but it’s also hopeful and makes you want to join him. If you were the last person left in your hometown or the big city, would you take to the streets and dance your tushy off? Something to think about.

Philip Morgan is a multi-talented artist. On “Rock this City,” he’s the writer, producer, lead vocal, and player-of-all-instruments. He’s even directed and edited the music clip! It seems like more artists are going this route of being multi-skilled and self-reliant, as it’s surely economically and logistically very efficient. He’s not all on his lonesome though; there is help from the likes of Shuta Shinoda (Hot Chips, Ghost Poet), who’s the mix engineer on the track, as well as Noel Summerville (The White Stripes), who’s on mastering duties.

The production on “Rock this City” sounds like something out of lockdown, but we’re liking this sort of raw production quality, as it does more with less. There’s really just rock rhythm guitar, bass, drums, & vocals in the arrangement, but they’re tight enough and oozing with the rock sauce. This musical sriracha sauce is enough to get you out of bed in the morning and up on your two dancing feet, ready to deal with whatever new ridiculous situation 2020 has to offer you. We’re sure ready to rock this city with you, Mr. Lewis. Just leave us to put on our masks first, please.

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