Road To Universe is inspired by the Nobel prize scientist Roger Penore (Road to Reality), the song as many other ones in their concept album about ‘journey in search of the meaning of life and the answers to the fundamental questions.’ – the band explained. Actually, the song caught my ears from the first guitar riff by its hard-hitting vibes, it drivees hard rockin’ melodic riffs with powerful licking, but also, I loved the vocals along with the arrangement, it gives a nice variety for the track and its atmosphere. When you check the track, you will notice what I call ICONIC BRIDGE! WOW! I didn’t expect it at all, melodic keys, harmonic strings, and powerful voice, it’s just one of my favorite bridges I have heard this year so far.

The song topic is really nice, check out what Andrea says about the track “The journey is here towards the vastness of the Universe, where the astronaut, who represents mankind, ventures into the great mystery of infinity like a new Ulysses, the mythical hero guided by his curiosity in search of any knowledge. And even if we fail in the end, even if we won’t find what we are searching for, it will still be worth trying.”

The lyrics were written by Raffaella Turbino. Music by Andrea Pizzo, Riccardo Morello, and Roberto Tiranti. All instruments are played by Roberto Tiranti. The voice by Andrea Pizzo. The song is taken from the forthcoming album “Potatoes On Mars”


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