Groove Doctor Bob‘s music is a very unique bluesy gospel sound indeed. After the success of his debut Groovesville 4221, he returned to Bignote Productions write, record, and release his second album Ride With Me Thru Bluesville 4221. Let’s find more about this phenomenal 2020 blues!

‘Ride With Me Thru Life’ starts with a catchy guitar riff combined with his emotive unique vocals. Also, I love the arrangement so much indeed, and the backing vocal is just stunning! When you dig deeper into the track, you will just fell in love with the chorus but also what will give you EARgasm is the sweet short melodic soloing! ‘Ride With Me Thru Life’ produced by Jennifer Matthews and engineered by Paul Harris of Bignote Productions, they managed to find the model balance between Blues, Rock & Roll, and Gospel.


The cover art drew inspiration from the title track Ride With Me Thru Life. The lyrics are about two lovers sharing a journey through their entire lives, driving under the stars. Photographer Paul Williams and graphic designer Jordan Callaghan managed to capture this concept magnificently with the backdrop of the Gold Coast night sky and featuring model Amanda Blanks alongside Groove Doctor Bob. Find his music through his official website here.

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