‘Red Sand Chronicles’ is the debut single by Daniel’s project broke stone eye. The singer-songwriter and musician were able to deliver perfectly the incredible rock spirit of the 80s merged with modern influences. The song is telling the story when Daniel travelled to Peru with well-known journalist David Icke. It was when he awoke to find himself on the floor of a shaman’s abode. The music is very nice indeed especially his vocal and guitar alignment, you can find while listening to it his singing style ability along with the music structure. Sometimes we cannot express ourselves but through the song it was the best way to express and find our true self and accepting all that is, was and would ever be – with unconditional love for yourself and all living things. “This was 2012 and it created a life awakening whereby it felt as if all of my life had led to this point and that everything after was because of this – a journey outside yet so far within” – Daniel explained.

The music video is not less brilliant, creative and artistic than the song itself, Daniel clarified that “the director has taken this literal story and flipped it into an 80s sci-fi theme influenced heavily by “Altered States”, focusing on the act of willingly entering yourself into an environment of solitude; experimenting on your own mind and traversing the deserts of the subconscious. The clip was funded by BSE and took over a year to complete.”

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