Quasarborn is a Serbian thrash metal band that recently released their debut album, “The Odyssey to Room 101.” In 2016, the band formed and settled on the name “Quasar-born”. the band’s influences are very clear for the 80’s also by merging a lot of flavors of black, death, heavy, classical and progressive styles. Quasarborn are Luka Matković (Vocals and Guitars), Đorđe Luković (Guitars), Miloš Tomasović (Bass) and Marko Danilović (Drums).

“The Odyssey to Room 101” is a concept album includes 11 tracks. The music is mainly influenced by both George Orwell’s “1984” and Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, but has a concept of its own.

What really attracted my attention that most of bands these days get lost while doing a concept album, but with Quasarborn they were very keen to keep their message clear as well as delivering it in a very catchy melodic tunes. One of the tracks that really I liked its bridge- “The Underdog League” – nice idea of adding acoustic chords over bass. and later goes to a shredding melodic soloing.

I believe that while listening to this band’s amazing music you should know what the band have uttered regarding their music; “The story follows a rebellious young individual, who after some tragic events has a clash with reality. He learns about his ancestors, and the position of his generation in today’s society. The expression of his rage by attempting suicide is interrupted by the outbreak of a new fake war. This changes his mind – he is going to take his destiny into his own hands. However, his efforts to organize a mutiny and change the war-struck system fail and he is captured by the authorities. Unlike in Huxley’s novel, there is no father figure (no Mustapha Mond) at the end to guide him through his demise. He is taken to a Ministry of Love kind of institution and locked up in a dungeon where he self-examines himself and questions every decision in his life. Searching for ways to ease his suffering, his mind drifts away into abstract thoughts about the nature of reality, consciousness and existence.”

If you are looking for a mixture between Metallica and Slayer in one song, then I’d recommend songs like “Blood Honey”, “Château d’If” and “Escape Into Reality”. Luka’s singing over catchy fast riffs and some harmonic soloing makes you head bang unconsciously.

The band was very really keen for making their songs to be easy to listen and professional at the same time and I saw that especially within the two songs that have been featured as music videos “Danse Macabre” and “The Odyssey to Room 101.” All the elements are great indeed.

The album is recorded and mixed by Luka at Citadela Sound Production and Tihi is the one responsible for all the visual material.