‘Psych’ will catch your ears from the first moment with its electronic riffs and the melodic guitar heavy riffs and this will easily make your head starts banging!

The Bengaluru-based ambient project was formed in 2016 as a bedroom project by Isaac James (Vocals / Synth) and Krishna Das (Guitars). ‘Psych’ is one of their energetic songs of the latest debut EP “Yūgen”. The media described their music as “a blend of heavy guitars complimenting aggressive/mellow vocals with catchy melody lines and ambient sections, giving the listeners everything they need in an Experimental Modern Metal EP!” – Indian Bands Hub, which is really obvious through their composition.

In addition, to the great music lines the song has a strong concept “The song explores the pent-up rage within peoples mind who have been the direct victims of Fascism, making them feel “alienated”, which eventually leads to war.”SkyPunch explained. SkyPunch composed by Isaac James and Raoul Raphael, and Isaac handled production, arrangement, and lyrics. It was recorded at Spacebot Studios, and for mixing and mastering by Adam Bentley.

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Mena Ezzat


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