Flagman is a stunning, tight, powerful rock trio from the States. Last month they released their latest single ‘Problems’ via all streaming platforms.

Well, ‘Porblems’ is all that I need for now of groovy bass, upbeats, melodic riffs and guitars, and screaming charming vocals! But you know what is the problem with ‘Problems’ that I cannot really find a problem! This song took me to a banging EARgasm journey! It will just be caught your ears from the first second with the groovy bass combined with a tight drumline and powerful vocals. This trio is very talented indeed. I believe these guys worked very hard and dedicated a lot of time to present such tight sound among their music. The song highlights on “taking personal responsibility for your actions.”


Listen to their song below and I believe you gonna like it as I did, then don’t miss their full-length which is coming this summer on Spotify, check their account here to pre-save.


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