We Are The Catalyst is considered as a fast-rising Swedish alternative rock/metal act. The band recently released their new single/music video entitled Predators via Ferocity Records. The track is the first single from their upcoming album “Ephemeral” which will be released in early 2019.

The alternative rock/metal band from Varberg, Sweden, which was formed in late 2012. The band’s members are Cat Fey (Lead Vocals), Kenny Boufadene (Vocals & Guitar), Håkan Strind (Drums), and Joni Kaartinen (Bass).

When you check the video; you will suddenly fell in love with Caty’s voice which is pretty amazing and so powerful really, and the guitar riffs subconsciously let you bang your head continuously. The variations of the msic are obvious and unique, my favorite part is the bridge of the song and the transition as well as for the chorus.

WATC‘s music usually provokes thought and empowerment both through the themes; “With this song we wanted to go darker and heavier than we have before, adding an uncomfortable air to our sound. “Predators” is a song about decadence, striving for fame just for fame, climbing to the top over bodies, and also about having blind faith in various forms, be it religion or idolizing actors, musicians etc. From the lyrics – “Your love embrace/Our empty faith/A simple phrase/ And you will praise”, criticizing how easy people follow others that they believe have all the answers without questioning, and how they are almost making gods out of famous people for no reason other than them being famous.” – the band explained.