The psychedelic musical offering of Gianni Spano is as good as a stamp of fine blotter acid. Take a hit of “Possession,” his latest single, and you’ll find yourself in a multi-coloured world of sound. Dig the reverse guitars and analog tape manipulations from a time of strawberry fields and magical mystery tours. The whole arrangement rolls along with Lucy in the sky, flying through that panda-looking cloud which only you can see in your hypnagogic state while laying out on an open field under a summer sun.

The double vocal on “Possession” is a heavenly showcase of baritone gelling with alto-tenor. The harmonies build up slowly, reaching a climax, where there’s “an immense moment of brightness” as a “choir of vocals join forces to melodically fall and then rise, cleverly highlighting the central concept of the song.” The choral element is angelic by the end of the track. The bass pumps along perfectly in a 60s style groove, and the guitar ostinato is drenched in twin-reverb, with a bit of tremolo thrown in for good measure. This is stellar psyche production!