Another interesting grunge track comes my way. So, the artist I’m listening to today is supposed to be a grunge rock genre for the American solo artist, Ania.

Ania is originally from Koszalin, Poland. She is a female DIY guitarist and songwriter from LA, who blends melodic aggressive female vocals, modern synth textures, and killer guitar solos in her music. Largely inspired by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, St Vincent, Blondie, Tool, Rage Against the Machines, L7, and Alice in Chains, her music embodies the 21st-century rock movement.

Well, I said above ‘supposed to be grunge’ actually I don’t feel it grunge rock, or to be more specific, I don’t feel it purely genre, yes, I can see its 90s influences, which is amazing really, but not a grunge track, in my opinion. Away from the genre, I like it indeed. The music video is pretty simple, and I usually go for simplicity really. The song starts with a smooth guitar solo with a nice melody and then starts singing, which I can say that her voice is pretty interesting and I like the guitar licks between. I will just have one note, while Ania submitting her track she was saying “I know my song is not a typical structure but skip minute in to hear the verse” actually, I disagree with you Ania because I like the whole song structure. Keep it up! 😉