“And we become obsessed!” that’s the vibe “Pleasure”” leaves on the listeners; a single released by “Cordillera” in October 2020. The Brazilian band that released their debut album “Ruptura”” back in 2018, releases their single track “”Pleasure”” as the foreshadow of Cordillera‘s new album, to be released in 2021.

The track hits off with an impressive intro with a heavy yet smooth guitar riff played by both guitarists “Raphael Moretti” and “Tar Barsalini” adjacent to it a drum line performed by “Matheus Vazquez” and a beautiful bass performed by “Pedro Ghoneim” that are almost of the same power and intensity. Then comes in The band’s vocalist “Victor Oliveira” With his cold vocal lines that Turn down the heat a bit in the intro.
“The sound from Cordillera is rich in layers and aftertaste, trajectories and suspensions, sudden cuts and scratches. Though refined, it sparks shivering and bounced veins among listeners.” The band states, The thing which is almost clear in this track, it is really obvious of the instruments’ rhythm that is not quite aligned but yet results in a marvelous and unique tone.
Jumping off to the lyrics the track used simple vocabularies with lyrics taking into consideration that the band isn’t singing with its mother tongue instead, they are singing in English.
The band was formed by Moretti and Victor Oliveira in the middle of 2009, holding “The Chairs” as their title. Initially, they were a cover band, playing around university fests with a setlist composed mainly of cover tracks of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and the 90’s Grunge, as Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden; They later became the greatest Cordillera’s influences.
Around 2013, I guess, “The Chairs” later known as “Cordillera” started a big reformulation of the band to take the course of playing original tracks. They changed the name to “Cordillera”; which means “mountain range” in Spanish.
“In Brazil, we speak Portuguese, but Spanish is the language of the majority of Latin American countries, so we wanted to pick a name associated with our continent not just our home country, carrying the flag of a rock band from the third world.” – The band stated.
The track has a cinematographic video directed by Rafael Gimenez in a modern-techno theme that shows Victor -the vocalist- murdering and doing criminal acts for the alien appearing at the beginning of the video.
“Pleasure” is an interesting journey of a track, goes up and down with the rhythm, vocals need to be backed up a bit in order to strengthen it adequately along with the guitar, drums, and bass lines.
Many ambitious excitements awaiting for Cordillera’s upcoming album and best of luck for the Seleçäo.