The Groove/Death metal band Grimaze recently released independently their debut full-length “”Planet Grimaze“” on Thursday, November 1, 2018.

In 2013, the band formed and were playing for icons like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Pantera, but by time they went much heavier and released 3 years later their first two singles Survival of The FittestandMy Vow and on the same year the band released their debut EP “Dreammares”.


In 2018, the band came with a whole new level by presenting their nine track full-length, Planet Grimaze. The band consists of 5 talented musicians and they are; Georgi Ivanov (vocals), Pavel Krumov (guitar), Melina Krumova (guitar), Nedy Miladinov (drums), and Phillip Kolarov (bass). When you check the album you cannot ignore how the guitar riffs are so heavy and amazing as well, it will simply put you in a “headbang challenge” unconsciously. “Endless Life Force” and “Inner Engineering” are pretty similar to me – riffs are great but didn’t find enough focus on music really, anyhow, I found all elements are started to be complete in “Survival of The Fittest” which is one of my favorite tracks really, the music is more balanced between heavy riffs, growling/brutal vocals, and a very nice harmonious guitar solo, and even heading to a heavy bridge that leads you to continuous headbanging! Scars started to prove the importance of this record by the drummer and bass -Nedy and Philip- techniques, adding to that the melodic riff in the track that presented perfectly by the Melina. Well done indeed! Also, I have a feeling that the first four tracks of the album were like a warm-up, because when you listen starting from the fifth “Disobey the Primitive” till the final track “My Vow” you will find how all elements are all in great shape! Actually, and in my opinion, a huge factor for that would go for Georgi -vocals- because he was one of the major elements that helped how the album looked like that, especially for the second half of the album.

Even though I am rating this album 8 out of 10, I’d like to mention that they consider more solos in their upcoming releases, because I really liked Melina guitar style and technique. I just have one negative comment regarding the album, which is the mixing itself! The bass in the album is too high, and when you listen it on different devices you may find some elements aren’t clear enough, like drums fillings or even the vocal-line itself. Anyhow, I believe they will manage that in their upcoming releases. For sure, I am gonna add Grimaze in my music library. Check out the album now on Spotify or BandCamp, and let me know what do you think.

Recently the band is getting ready for their upcoming tour in February 2019 by sharing the stage with Pestilence. You can book your place and find all info through their website, the Facebook event from here.