Fashion Bird Danger Danger presents a progressive post-rock ‘Phanerothymes’ covered by a psychedelic atmosphere.

While checking the track I found an impressive psychedelic groove indeed. I can’t find a single negative note about it. I love the melodic riff that has been used for the whole track plus the whole powerful music structure. The band tried through Phanerothymes “to make a song that is daring and dissonant like more experimental metal bands but with the organic drum groove of a motown groove. John Wlaysewski (Late Cambrian) performed all guitars and drums, Matthew Milligan (Wheatus) played bass and provided vocal samples. The song was produced and mixed by John Wlaysewski for the new Fashion Bird Danger Danger (FBDD) LP, Phanerothymes, out 2/19/21.” – The band explained.

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