The metalcore project SLeW announced for their upcoming single ‘Pariah’ with two different releases, and what I am gonna discuss today is the softer vocals version.

The release date of the song is still unclear, but what is really interesting this song opens a question which is; do you run after your goals or you just give up with no fights?! I believe we face such a predicament every day! Well, have you been in a love triangle relation before? As much as it’s very a personal topic, still a very interesting story: “There was a new girl, and she was my type. While I was waiting for the right moment to approach her, the other young boys threw themselves at her shamelessly. She started dating one of my coworkers within a couple of weeks of getting the job. Nevertheless, I made contact at the company holiday party when I offered mushrooms to her and her date and got her number. Soon I learned that she was openly “poly”, which means that you have relationships with multiple people. So, given this information, I assumed it would be acceptable to date her at the same time she was dating my coworker.” – SLeW explained.

Although, the coworker knew her intensions but still didn’t like someone to share: “However, even though he knew she was poly, my coworker was not ok with her dating *me* specifically, and in a passive-aggressive text told me to never talk to him again under any circumstances. The gentleman in question was a vicious gossip, so in the climate of work culture, I began to feel like a social outcast, a pariah. I could feel that everyone thought I was some sort of woman stealer even though I had done nothing wrong.” – he clarified. ‘Pariah’ gives a good example when you feel outcasted: “but instead of caving to it, not giving a fuck because if someone’s going to act like that then I don’t need to care what they think anyway. Ending with a plea for him to let go of his grudge, for his own sake.” – he continues.

The music is very interesting, I feel it as a blend of the old-school metalcore sounds with a psychedelic touch. Seriously, I have no negative feedback on the music and vocals as well.