Exit the Matrix is a progressive/death/djent metal band from Belgium. “Paradoxes” is the second song from “The Anomaly Traces,” which marks the debut from Exit The Matrix. Heavy, complex, and dark while maintaining the melodic edge. Describing what has become the anomaly in an ever more digital and cold world.

Actually, this track reflects the musical essence of Exit the Matrix, the track starts with a dynamic fast-tempo riff, there are heavy sounds of distortions and fast beats more into Alternative Rock style. Then, the music turns to be closer to symphonic metal mood, like the symphonic style of Dimmu Borgir but in a more progressive way.

The lines of keys are really obvious through the track, the beauty of those lines also lies in the colors added by the clean vocals that give the track deeper metalcore tendencies. Many parts of the track are closer to the powerful style of Alternative Rock. Listen to “Paradoxes” below