For almost two decades I have seen hundreds of Egyptian rock and metal bands, most of them were having a special oriental flavour indeed but today, I would say that Amenta is one of the few bands that has a unique sound indeed. Let’s find out more below while checking their debut, Pandore.

Well, 99% of music acts in Egypt are either producing tracks in Arabic or English, but I was kind of surprised to find out a French-speaking band really! And since French is one of the languages that I am not fond of – maybe because I understand nothing, still, I love its sound with the music. The five-piece band members are giving you the thrill of experimental metal blended with an oriental touch, and let me say, THEY ACCOMPLISHED THIS PERFECTLY! Back to their debut Pandore, you’re listening to a 9:26 minute track but when you reach its end you will feel it was just like 5, well, and I believe this is based on the riffs variations, arrangement, and stunning vocals! Although the brutal parts aren’t my favourite style, however, it served the track very well, unquestionably. II really enjoyed the mixing techniques over here, I would just recommend making sure about levelling because some parts of the music were heavier than vocals.

These guys are aiming to release their full-length this year: “Pandore is one of the singles that will be released as a part of Amenta’s debut album, to be announced later in 2021 Pandore is a song that takes in oriental elements such as Egyptian Tabla and Oud, and mixes them with modern symphonic metal orchestral elements. Combined with a main female vocal line, harsh backing vocals and psychedelic outro, Amenta’s debut single aims to provide a unique sound that was never seen before in the Egyptian Metal Scene. The song talks about the famous Greek myth of Pandora’s box.” – the band explained.