The multi-platinum indie-pop singer-songwriter and producer Gnash released today his latest single ‘Outside’

Starting from DIY studio in his home garage to the spotlight in 2016 with his 5X platinum breakthrough hit “i hate u, i love u,” which spent an impressive 39 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. Gnash has spent the past few years building his name and sharing his story. He has released 4 EP’s: “u,” “me,” “us,” “if, and his debut album “we”; which serve as a walk through the many ups and downs of his life – from breakups to finding yourself, to finding something new. He is also featured on acclaimed singer-songwriter MAX’s 2x platinum hit “Lights Down Low,” which has over 400 million streams; he has performed on The TODAY Show and Late Night with Seth Meyers, and has garnered high-profile features in VOGUE, Billboard, The New York Times and more.

What’s really unique about his songs is the lyrics, in my opinion. ‘Outside’ gives an important message these days, especially when there are millions scared because of the pandemic and quarantine in many countries. At the same time, he is trying to send a message to other, that being scared will never solve the problem, but actually, exacerbate: “It’s scary because I don’t know what’s scaring me the most” captures the feeling quite perfectly but ends on a high with the powerful line, “why don’t we turn it around, spend the rest of the day wit”

Usually, he uses music to express what he feels: “I was raised that it’s okay to have feelings, as long as you aren’t afraid to talk about them — so I’ve chosen to do that by documenting the feelings I have in my heart in my art.” And this is very inspiring, I have seen many brilliant musicians, and still, they lack to deliver their thoughts through music, even if they’re mastering their instruments: “It’s not about how it sounds, it’s about what I’m saying,” he explains.


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