‘Outer Space’ is the latest single by the American indie rock group, Love Ghost. The band released the track today accompanied by a lyric video.

This track combines stunning, emotive vocals with all the best of indie/alternative tunes. It goes very smoothly in your ears, which every note feels in the right place even if, at first, clashing sounds can tell you otherwise. Originality pours out of every note, there is not a second that will not be enjoyed after listening to their indie hit.

The indie/alternative/hard rock band consisting of Finnegan Bell (guitar and vocals), Daniel Alcala (Guitar), Ryan Stevens (Bass and background vocals) Samson Young (drums and background vocals) and Cory Batchler (keyboards). The band has played in Ecuador, where they were one of the mainstage bands at de Música de Vanguardia Festivalfff in Ambato, Ecuador.  They also toured Ireland (where they played Whelan’s, Crane Lane, Roisin Dubh, Spirit Store and Cleeres) and Japan (where they played 11 shows in Tokyo and Osaka).  The band has won the Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Alternative Band and their videos have won multiple awards including Best Music Video at New York Film Awards, London Independent Film Awards, Paris Music Video Underground and the Jean Lus Godard Award from Cult Critic Film Magazine.