Channo has a good grip on the rediscovery of the lo-fi aesthetic which has recently gained popularity on certain YouTube channels. “OMO,” a tune he worked on during self-isolation, seems to float along like a breezy summer’s day, after you’ve cleared your head on the beach, with your thoughts breaking on the shore like the waves of the sea. Fans of Ariel Pink and Toro y moi will dig, and anyone else who loves that seventies vibe with the condition that it’s heard an all fuzzed-out, half-worn cassette-tape. I was pretty sold on it from first hearing. Channo has already released an ep named “Underwater Heart” and has gotten together with the Nice Guys for this latest jam.“In a scene that has become so fixed on content and exposure, Channo keeps alive the mystique in music. Making warm fuzzy, underwater, experimental pop songs this Australian producer/vocalist has already landed features with VICE, Noisey, Complex Magazine and many more…” and that’s straight from the horse’s mouth. Well, we’re excited to hear some more from this Aussie lo-fi solo force.

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Omar Ashour.


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