Derbyshire-based singer-songwriter Charlie Gibson, aka Chork released his latest single ‘Old New Love’ today.

Charlie Gibson specialises in crafting no-nonsense rock-based superlative blues tunes which draw heavily from his love of the last few decades of British rock. Coming on the heels of the time when sadness and uncertainty stalk the atmosphere with a certain pandemic taking the shine off much of human activities, someone forever loyal to his guitar still has cause to forge through the pain and is due to release his self-produced debut solo single ‘Old New Love’ on 12th June 2020.


‘Old New Love’ is a very exciting release indeed. It combines stunning, emotive vocals with all the best of English rock guitar sound. “Old New Love is one crunching emotionally charged song that touches on real-life experience – a broken relationship, a shattered dream, and strangled happiness, amid a world that’s under lock and keys.” – Gibson explaining the track theme. The song really gives nice vibes mixing modern and old rock styles through the overdriven guitar sounds, and stunning vocal style.