BeeMC sounds fairly upset here, and it seems like a bit of a departure from his other, more blues-heavy numbers. On “Officer,” BeeMC shows off his true mc skills while maintaining a hard-rock core in the music, drawing a solid parallel with Rage Against the Machine. The guitar riff is good at keeping the energy levels high, while the bass and drums provide a strong backbone for BeeMC’s lyrical assaults. The guitar solo is particularly interesting, built on a series of repeating oscillations, which seem to be mimicking police sirens or perhaps the sounds associated with police radio communications. It’s unique.

BeeMC lays it all down in his lyrics, telling personal stories of encounters with the police and pointing to the classism and racism displayed by officers of the law in the treatment of his family and friends. One of the verses explains how “police shot a man with no trigger in his hand,” and the chorus is pure protest as he claims, “they make light of the situation but we all know the truth.” BeeMC is confrontational on “Officer,” and uses his words as a weapon in the struggle for justice. Hear more after the jump…

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Omar Ashour.


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