We all come to a halt when we consider the concept of time and wonder, “Can we make it stop moving?” “Can we go back to a certain moment?” “Can we fast forward?” “Were our past selves happier?” “Would we be more satisfied in the future?” The thing is, time is not something we can buy, keep, or control, and it’s all about living in the moment. Alan Dreezer‘s single “Time Stand Still” explores the mysteries of time and how we can truly be pleased, satisfied, and able to appreciate the gift of time. 

“This song is me asking myself the question. What have been the best moments of my life so far? Not days or weeks, just the moments. ” ―Alan Dreezer

That’s how the Spanish musician described “TIME STAND STILL,” the sixth and final single from his sophomore album, “H E A L E D.” He tells us in the most heartfelt, evocative way that it’s all about the moment we want to remember forever; it’s about living the moment until it’s imprinted in our hearts and fills us with joy.

This song, like memories, has the ability to penetrate your heart. The smooth and appealing delivery is enhanced by the fusion of electro-pop and gospel vibes, particularly in the chorus. When Dreezer’s warm, sincere vocals enter, with their melodic, tender tone, it effortlessly captures you. The poetic lyrics will invoke specific memorable moments in your head, but the soft piano line, the clapping, the backing vocals, and the shimmery ambiance will help make these memories draw a smile on your face and relieve your burdened heart.

“Everything is fleeting

All we have is now

Everyone, please listen

Show you love someone somehow”

 Alan Dreezer’s moving single leaves us with a priceless piece of advice. It’s an obvious one, but we often overlook it in our hectic lives; what we have now, embrace it, and shower your love on your loved ones before all you have is a memory.

Every time you get caught in life and need a wake-up call to be present in the most valuable moments, listen to “Time Stand Still.”