Theatrical melodic waves are driven by an original metal sound! This is how can I describe the ‘Ocean of Misfortune’ by VKT. The song features the incredible artists Mike Kew (Bass, Guitar, and Strings) and Razz (Violin).

Victor Cardona is the man behind the stunning rock/metal project VKT. The multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Colombian Born, established himself in London in the early 2000s. While listening I observed there are numerous influences on his music indeed varied among rock, metal, orchestral, blended with the theatrical atmosphere. In my opinion, what makes ‘Ocean of Misfortune’ a one of a kind is the vintage guitar melody combined with raw clean vocals, but my favourite would be the roaring/brutal vocals that easily will catch your ears with the first letter he utters! When hit near the end of the track you will feel his state of mind sam as you are JUST INSIDE HIS HEAD! “Ocean of Misfortune is a song that tries to reflect a state of mind, the pros and cons of dwelling on the edges of madness and despair, and focuses more on grasping the opportunities of inner discovery and what the learning during such states of mind can provide.”VKT explained. See?! Impressive, right? Well, I leave you now to feel the mood below.

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