Definitely, the 80s rock era was one of the main influences for me. And when I find these acts nowadays I feel a thrill and curiosity to know more. Wild Tribe‘s Nonsense For Free is the band’s latest release. Let’s find out below.

It’s not my first time listening to the Ukrainian rock act, and I have a specific theory about this music scene really. I feel that it’s fresh and there is a lot to deliver. The band combines glam and hard rock, which both are my favorites “We are the spirit of the ’80s combining hard/glam rock with synth-wave. Our songs tell love stories, life stories, but not only that. In our songs, we demonstrate the truth of everyday life.“ –  the band commented to Roadie Metal.

The track is taken from their latest album, Desperation Fire I. Besides the remarkable vocals, guitar setup, and tight drums, their lyrical theme is pretty interesting because it’s rare to find a band discusses a matter of a girl who got fond of a rockstar and through her journey with him found many obstacles “it’s a hard rock tale about a provincial girl, that coming to a big city, falling in love with a rockstar, but getting slapped by the reality, being used and left all alone.” – the band explained. The band is aiming to release a music video for the song which is something that I will be looking for. You can find “Desperation Fire I” on Spotify through here.

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