American Punk/Pop Punk Band 12roots released a new song entitled “Non-Essential Johnny.” According to the band, “This song is about a man named Johnny who realizes that during the coronavirus lockdown, his Alcoholics Anonymous group is not considered an essential business but the liquor store is. He goes off the wagon and ends up drinking himself to death.”

As the song revolves around a story of a man, the music and vocals follow certain style which is a narrative style. The track opens with tuneful guitar melodies with active drum beats. The vocals follow clean style with a narrative performance to tell the story, the vocals are backed by very clear Basslines. In the background, you can recognize a few drum breakdowns just to give the track some progressive power. In general, the style of “Non- Essential Johnny” is influenced by the classic songs that revolve around individual stories so you can catch some classic heat within the riffs.

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