Listening to the Metal bands from a different area is a gift, for example, Omnifariam who comes from a homeland as Puerto Rico that suffers from political instability and economic hardships. This chaotic mood needs a strong and blackened music to express and criticize such as Black/Death Metal tendencies of Omnifariam‘s music. Through this article, we are reviewing the band latest single “Neglected Are The Weak.”

By heavy blackened melodies starts the track, there is a great amount of anger, hatred and violence in the music as if the band expressing the feelings of hatred, rejection and despair. In 1:20, the mode of the track turns to be more catchy and headbanging style through producing stormy riffs and strong drum beats. The combination between Black and Death creates an energetic tuneful atmosphere which reflecting the suffering of the country socially and politically. There is outstanding harmony between the guitar riffs and how the track is full of attractive tunes your ears can deeply catch.

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