‘My Kind’ is the debut single for the Australian alternative rock group, Bandana.

Bandana includes four talented musicians Micky Stixxx on vocals, Jeremy Walters (bass), Jake Harris (guitars), and Sean Wigham (drums). When you listen to the track, it will be hard to define them as your typical alternative/90’s rock sounds, because you will find some Rolling Stones influences, Guns N’ Roses and even Mötley Crüe.


Although, the music is considered to be raw also they have got nicely made melodious tunes over there. These days, a lot of musicians prefer the advanced recording technologies because it’s easier to use and to process for sure, but what I admire about Bandana, they prefer to use the old school techniques as they stated: “recorded in a garage in western Sydney with old school recording methods we take pride in this raw energy that has no frills no autotune just rock and fn roll.”

Actually, I like the rhythm and vocals so much, and I believe that drums and bass served it very well. And my favourite part goes for the WAH-soloing for sure. Simply, this song unquestionably good.

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