Simen Mitlid is a Norwegian self-titled Indie Folk Band released his first album “Everything is the Same” in 2017 followed by “Neutral” in 2019, the band has released a new single called “Murders” from his upcoming album. The forthcoming album will be self-produced and recorded in vivid locales in his hometown, Os and Oslo, the album is playful and nostalgic.

Personally, I am emotionally connected to Folk music as it has a beautiful warm nostalgic force. “Murders” outstandingly the track started with catchy acoustic tunes backed with atmospheric/ambient touches. You can feel that there is a sense of Gothic-atmospheric shades in the music, colours of grey and blue appeared before my eyes while going deeper and deeper in the music and its darkened vocal pitches. It is like hearing the sound of your nostalgia and its shivers. The Nordic coldness and vast landscape warmth are contrasted in the music as well as the human who is shattered between good memories and sad memories. The Norwegian musical scene is gifted us with such a beautiful track with wonderful nostalgic vibes.