Artwork by Andrew Schmidt

“You don’t belong here, but you still attached!” isn’t such a sentence been in our minds at least once in a lifetime? The talented trio Sunrise and Ammunition presented their latest hit Movers discussing such an important issue to humanity.

Tyler, Chris and Chris grew up playing music together. And 7 years ago released their debut “Tesseract” in two versions, with the physical CD having segues between each song. Back to Movers, the song really starts with a powerful ascending intro leading to a tight rhythm with a catchy melody. The verses are straight to your ears delivering a nice harmony with the lyrics, and I really like the chorus so much:

“can’t stay here forever
sedentary fever
I’ll be back again
you’ll see me again”

No one can deny that the tightness of the music structure gives a powerful outcome. I believe that Sunrise and Ammunition used the concept of “short and sweet” while writing their music. Well, let’s get back to the belonging issue, frankly, I love their description so much: “This song is about feeling like your environment isn’t where you belong while still having a love for it. I read a local article about how acknowledging this place is a hellhole lovingly is the Houstonian thing to do. But the song takes the notion a bit further so that the restlessness and urge to move away applies to leaving the planet in general.” – the band explained.

It’s obvious that they were very keen about their recording process and the production they clarified everything here: “The song was recorded by aCr and co-produced with the Sunrise and Ammunition at Red Flag Studios in Houston, TX. Our approach was to get the band playing live in the tracking room and capture as much collective energy from the performance as possible. All of the extra guitars and final vocals were added as overdubs that could feed off of that energy. In order to make the outro section, we used so many weird guitar fx pedals and off-kilter settings to just get the right amount of other-world-liness.” 

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