The Australian indie rock group Hazel Street released their single ‘Misfits’ last March.

Usually, When I hear the word ‘misfit’ in music, what comes in my mind crazy guitar riffs and aggressive drumming. And the theme, well, you know, something crazy too! But Hazel Streets Misfits is what we really need today; what I like about the song its message really. In my opinion, the music I see it suitable but I felt there’s something wrong with the drums, in some parts, it seems kind of noisy, maybe it’s related to the mastering process, I believe. But all the music elements and lines, they are really astonishing. But let’s get back to the idea of the song that the idea of the song is everyone deserves a second chance, and I agree with this indeed; “Misfits is about pushing through hard times and knowing that people are always there to support you even when you think you have nothing and no-one left when you think your at your lowest point when you have no will for anything. The message of the song is that everyone has a chance to change the way they think and stand up and soldier on no matter the situation.” – the band explained. Actually, this is what makes it one of my favourite indie songs in 2020! One more thing, it’s pretty awesome you will feel the reggae groove with a nicely made rock beat. And since this is their debut release, I will be waiting for their upcoming songs for sure.

You too need to give your beloved ones a second chance, but before that check it out on Spotify here.

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