The band described their formation story doesn’t differ much from other Swedish groups. Petter Sandell (bass guitar) and Isak Ernholm (vocals, guitar)  formed the band, and in a short time, Johan Åberg (drums) joined them soon after he graduated from the same high school.


What I can say about the song, Well, Millennial Dance is your needed funky groove dose blended with 90’s rock influences. The song theme is pretty nice; its energetic groove portrait of witty generational tropes with head-bopping riffs and a memorable guitar solo evoking rock & roll of the 50s.


The band explained how the funky sound was the main core for their music: “The creative process has pretty much been the same since the start and can be described with one word: Jamming.”, they described. 

Well, if you are looking for a crunchy 90’s riffs, with the spirit of 50’s vocals, then Millenial Dance is for you! There are no negative points here; it was my pleasant morning dose of the groove. I’d rate it 9 out 10. 


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Mena Ezzat



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