Mantello is a funky rock trio from Sweden. They released today ‘Millennial Dance’ via Rexius Records.

The band described their formation story doesn’t differ much from other Swedish groups. Petter Sandell (bass guitar) and Isak Ernholm (vocals, guitar)  formed the band, and in a short time, Johan Åberg (drums) joined them soon after he graduated from the same high school.


What I can say about the song, Well, Millennial Dance is your needed funky groove dose blended with 90’s rock influences. The song theme is pretty nice; its energetic groove portrait of witty generational tropes with head-bopping riffs and a memorable guitar solo evoking rock & roll of the 50s.

The band explained how the funky sound was the main core for their music: “The creative process has pretty much been the same since the start and can be described with one word: Jamming.”, they described.

Well, if you are looking for a crunchy 90’s riffs, with the spirit of 50’s vocals, then Millenial Dance is for you! There are no negative points here; it was my pleasant morning dose of the groove. I’d rate it 9 out 10.

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