The Dutch duo of two friends Gravity Circus shared today their new track Millennial Crisis, Pop Rocks! (MyCPR!).”For those who’s hair is thinning and don’t wanna age or those who wake up feeling drained,” this song is just for you!

Four years ago, the Brazilian Japanese left man Jimmy “Onibi” Nagaura Yabiko and Dutch German right man Ken “Toro” Luske formed Gravity Circus. These guys are really brilliant with choosing sound elements in their songs: “The ingredients to this acquired taste recipe are (but not limited to): guitars, lamps, bass, dishwashers, drums, bottles, synths, paper towels, airdryers, limbs, cheeks, broken equipment and phones.”

Well, I pointed at their sound elements technique because of their latest lo-fi tune ‘Millennial Crisis, Pop Rocks! (MyCPR!)’ is really amazing indeed. Although, the music isn’t complicated and easy to listen you can find the depth of it, besides the strong lyrical theme here: “This one is for those who’s hair is thinning and don’t wanna age. For those who wake up feeling drained. For those who watch most of their old friends get married, have kids, or both. For those who have a shitty routine like listening to the same radio station all the time and wonder why everything feels like Groundhog Day. Rules are not for you, okay, but at least clean your fucking room. Welcome to being a stagnant infant! Not quite sure what went wrong, but while you’re here enjoy your stay!”