‘Mega Hot Super Babe’ is all about living the 80’s in 2021! This is how I feel about Little Bird‘s latest tune.

Well, everything is great about these guys except their band name! Frankly, it’s not catchy for my ears especially when I listen to their great tunes, and it’s kinda strange to choose a band name like this and they are not little at all, they are impressive great talents indeed. You can say that Little Birds music is something between happiness and sadness at the same time, kinda mechanic, emotional, cheerful, spontaneous, intentional, and thoughtful even. I am not exaggerating really but the music will give you the 80s thrills and take you in a time machine and you will just feel like living such a great era. The music is so light but will catch into your ears easily, also, the song discussing an important topic that could happen to anyone, as the band frontman Jay Hurtt stated “The song came about after I took a girl out, and after leaving her house the next morning, she told me she was late for church with her family. Oleg, our drummer, then saw her through some Snapchat intel, with another guy out to brunch instead. I hadn’t known her long enough for it to have any weight, but my friends and I just loved the way this played out. We were all laughing, and dreaming of what a life like that would be like, floating through all these great meals every weekend just by going on dates, ‘That would be the life of a Mega Hot Super Babe’. Later on, it occurred to me that I would feel invincible in some ways with that style of blind confidence, I feel like it’s something inside of everyone and something everyone should feel, this song is reaching to reveal that confidence and make it available for everyone within themselves. We are all Mega Hot Super Babes.”

Okay, here’ the best part to me which is the music video, in my opinion, it’s well made indeed and these guys had a nice idea to do it in such a way “While the song itself is about the archetype of the untouchable woman, the video is meant to highlight a common struggle that every woman we know has dealt with, by fantasizing an ideological solution. Working with a limited budget, we drew inspiration from 80’s budget-slasher style ‘Giallo’ films, and loved the juxtaposition of a happy song with gruesome visuals.” – the band explained.

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